About CheckWX

A Quick Introduction and FAQ

About CheckWX

A Quick Introduction and FAQ

First, let me thank you for using CheckWX.com.

My name is Henry and I hope you find this site beneficial to your flight planning and weather briefing needs.  My goal for developing this site was to combine my career as a software engineer with my passion for flying.  I often get emails asking about CheckWX.com, so I decided to compile a brief FAQ:

About CheckWX

Who owns CheckWX?

CheckWX is owned, developed, and operated by myself.  I do everything from maintaining the server hardware to coding new features, all in my spare time.

Who does CheckWX stand for?

My flight instructor drilled into my brain that even for a local hour flight you should always "check the weather".  I settled on CheckWX because it was short and to the point.  I also own WXCheck.com in case you want a "weather check".  :)

Site Feedback

Can I submit a bug report or feature request?

I really do appreciate getting bug reports and feature requests.  Without them, this site would never have evolved into what it is today.  If you find a problem on the site or have a suggestion please let me know at support@checkwx.com.

Please remember this site is not my full-time job.  Sometimes emails go unanswered for a bit and bugs take a few days to fix. 


Is CheckWX free?

Yes the site is totally free.  The weather data I display here is pulled from various free sources and I intend to keep this site free as well.

How does CheckWX make money?

This site does display targeted ads on some pages and the ad click revenue helps to pay for the cost of running my own server.  I make somewhere around a dollar a day from ads, so I'm keeping my day job. :)

I see a link to join CheckWX?

Joining CheckWX is also free and gives you a few advantages:

  • You can store your home airport for map centering
  • You can store and view a list of Favorite weather locations
  • You can store and replay flight routes (in development)
  • Soon you can specify metric vs imperial display formats


Can you tell me more about the technical details?

Here are all the nerdy details:

  • CentOS Linux VPS
  • PHP7
  • Phalcon MVC
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • jQuery
  • MapBox / Leaflet
  • ChartJS
Is this site open-source?

I have no plans to open-source this site, however if you are curious about how something works, I'd be happy to discuss it with you and can provide you with some of the source code.

Where does your weather data come from?

All data is pulled from various sources including the FAA, NOAA, and the National Weather Service.

More Questions?

Send me an email at support@checkwx.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.